The KRMG Program Lineup

The Herman Cain Show 9AM-11AM

Weekdays 9AM to 11AM - Herman Cain is an award-winning local talk radio host, author, business executive, syndicated columnist and 2012 GOP presidential candidate.

The Rush Limbaugh Show 11AM-2PM

Weekdays 11 - 2PM - With a persona that is a blend of entertainment, showmanship, intellect, bravado and conservative commentary, Rush has won over a remarkable and devoted following.

The Sean Hannity Show 2PM-5PM

Weekdays 2PM - 5PM - Sean Hannity, winner of the 2007 Marconi Award for syndicated personality of the year, is the spokesperson for today's generation of professionals and leaders

The Clark Howard Show 7-9PM

Weeknights 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. - Clark Howard is fast-becoming America's #1 consumer expert due to his nationally syndicated radio program.

Kilmeade & Friends 9pm-Mid

Brian Kilmeade is joined by top personalities and contributors to Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network along with other leading newsmakers, news breakers and experts on a regular basis